Family, Whanau and Disability

17. Finding a Support Worker with MyCare

June 17, 2018 Season 2019 Episode 1017
Family, Whanau and Disability
17. Finding a Support Worker with MyCare
Show Notes

Research and co-ordination: Lisa Pirihi and Carolyn Jury
Presenter: Louise Ratcliffe
Produced by Louise Ratcliffe and FreeFM89.0

Guests: Tyler Brummer

Operations and Research Lad, MyCare Tyler co-founded WeVisit along with Sam Johnson which aimed to improve the lives of elderly and young people by matching them up in mutually beneficial relationships. In 2017, they merged WeVisit with Mycare to grow and scale what they started at WeVisit and help Mycare realise its ambition of creating a community & relationship based model of home care where choice and real human connections are at the core. At Mycare Tyler leads the operations and research teams, spending much of his time listening to people who use, or could benefit from Mycare, and improving what they do all the time.

Programme Synopsis

  • How MyCare works for both support workers and people looking to hire support workers
  • Improving community relationships in order to improve the world


“I’ll take care of you” Dixie Chicks

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