Family, Whanau and Disability

18. Caring for Ken; David’s Story (part 1)

June 18, 2018 Louise Ratcliffe Season 2019 Episode 1018
Family, Whanau and Disability
18. Caring for Ken; David’s Story (part 1)
Show Notes

Research and co-ordination: Lisa Pirihi and Carolyn Jury
Presenter: Louise Ratcliffe
Produced by Louise Ratcliffe and FreeFM89.0

Guests: David Taylor

Dad, Husband, Carer, Builder, Inventor David grew up on Waiheke Island the youngest of 4 siblings. In the 1970s, his older brother, Ken, had a motorbike accident which left him an amputee and with severe spinal injuries. Eventually, David and his wife decided to care for Ken in their own home as he needed round-the-clock care as his condition slowly deteriorated.
David cared for his brother for over 10 years, both by himself, and as Lead Carer working alongside care support agencies.
Over the years David has learned a lot about the rollercoaster of providing care for a loved one, and he has kindly agreed to share his story with us.

Programme Synopsis

  • Being a carer, the support you need
  • Working with agencies and hiring care support workers
  • David’s story continues next week


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