Family, Whanau and Disability

26. Anxiety with Matthew Peppercorn

June 26, 2018 Louise Ratcliffe Season 2019 Episode 1026
Family, Whanau and Disability
26. Anxiety with Matthew Peppercorn
Show Notes

Research and co-ordination: Lisa Pirihi and Louise Ratcliffe
Presenter: Louise Ratcliffe
Produced by Louise Ratcliffe and Wintec Music and Performing Arts

Guests: Matthew Peppercorn

TASK Mental Wellness
Matthew has worked as a nurse for 25 years in mental health and intellectual disability. He has a IDCCR Act care manager diploma and has completed three post graduate papers. He has been integral into the planning of and restyling of both new and existing services in the care sector. He has done this both in England and NZ. He has lived in NZ for 15 years. When he isn't nursing he enjoys mountain biking, live music and gardening. He is also a free style rapper.

Programme Synopsis

  • Louise finds out how anxiety presents in people, and how it differs from day-to-day stress
  • Matthew gives us some practical strategies for preventing and dealing with anxiety, with
    reference to Christmas and the holiday season being a particularly stressful time of year for parents.

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